Special Workshop for Lawyers about the benefits of Focus Groups on May 16th in Kingston, New York

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Posted on Apr 27, 2012
On May 16th at 6:00 p.m., a special "first of its kind" workshop for lawyers about focus groups will be presented at the uptown Kingston restaurant, Le Canard Enchaine at 270 Fair Street in Kingston. 

The workshop, "Discover the secrets to reading the minds of the jurors at your next trial", will be a presentation of a focus group. After the presentation of arguments, testimony of witnesses and exhibits by counsel for the plaintiff and defendant in a real case, jurors will be asked to separate into three juries and reach an unanimous verdict on the liability issue presented to them.  When you attend this unique event, you will have an inside seat to the jury deliberations and you will gain insights into the sometimes arbitrary and capricous way that juries decide lawsuits.  You will be amazed by the deliberations.

This workshop will start you on the road to thinking like a juror. And you will learn the basic steps to setting up a focus group, including a handout of the written forms you will need, so you can hold your own focus group for your next trial.  Instead of recreating the wheel, you will be shown how to do focus groups with simple step-by-step instructions at this workshop.

No, you won't earn CLE credits.  Actually, you'll get something a lot better.  A proven way to improve your trial presentation that is cost effective, fun and make you a better trial lawyer.  

Don't miss this special event! You must pre-register to attend and the registration cut-off date is May 10th. (I extended the deadline by a few extra days because I don't want to shut anyone out of this workshop).  But it's free and you will get a complimentary pizza dinner, soda and a cocktails from yours truly as my way of saying "thank you" for coming.     

Reserve your seat today by sending an e-mail to Corina Skidmore at cskidmore@mmolaw.net with the subject line, "I'm coming to the workhop for lawyers on May 16th" or calling Corina at 845-331-9434 to reserve your spot.

I look forward to seeing you on May 16th!