Discover how you can get top-notch health insurance for your family for less than $200 a month in Kingston, New York

Health insurance is available for most children in New York under age 19 under Medicaid or a New York State sponsored health insurance program known as "Child Health Plus".  If your children are not eligible for Medicaid, you should enroll them in Child Health Plus.

How you can get health insurance at almost no cost for your

What is Child Health Plus?  New York has a health insurance plan for kids called Child Health Plus that may be free or have a small monthly cost. 

Child Health Plus provides comprehensive health coverage for children including well-child care, physical examinations, out-patient surgery, emergency care, prescriptions and non-prescription drugs, inpatient hospital and surgical care, inpatient and outpatient treatment for alcoholism and substance abuse and mental health, dental care, vision care, medical equipment, emergency ambulance transportation and Hospice.  Not too shabby!  

Depending on your family's income, your child may be eligible to join Child Health Plus.  To be eligible for Child Health Plus, children must be (a) under the age of 19, (b) be residents of New York State, (c) not eligible for Medicaid, and (d) have no health insurance. 

Whether a child qualifies for Child Health Plus depends on gross family income.  There is no monthly premium for families whose income is less than 1 1/2 times the poverty level.  Families with higher incomes pay a monthly premium of $9, $15, $30, $45 or $60 per child per month, depending on their income and family size.  Even if your family's income is high, you can still enroll your child in Child Health Plus; you'll just have to pay the full premium.

There are no co-payments for services under Child Health Plus, so you don't have to pay anything when your child receives care through these plans.   Child Health Plus is available through dozens of health insurers throughout New York.

You can enroll your children in Child Health Plus through your county's Department of Social Services or you can call 1-800-698-4543.  To get information about Child Health Plus, you can contact Child Health Plus, New York State Health Department, Box 2000, Albany, New York 12220 (fax #: 518-486-2361).  In Kingston, New York, you can enroll in Child Health Plus at the Ulster County Department of Social Services, 1061 Development Court, Kingston, New York 12401-1951 (845-334-5000). 

How you can get health insurance for the adults in your family at a really cheap cost 

Family Health Plus is a New York State-sponsored health insurance program modeled on Child Health Plus.  Family Health Plus coverage is comprehensive with benefits that mirror those provided under Child Health Plus.  
Family Health Plus is a New York State program that provides health insurance for uninsured adults ages 19 through 64 who do not qualify for Medicaid.  Family Health Plus provides comprehensive health insurance at no cost for lower income, uninsured adults who do not have employer-sponsored coverage and are not eligible for Medicaid or Medicare.  Once enrolled in Family Health Plus, individuals may choose between health plans participating in the program.

To qualify for Family Health Plus, your family's gross income must be under a specific amount.  To enroll for Family Health Plus, you should contact your county's Department of Social Services.

What you can do if you have questions

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