What will you do if your hospital closes?

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Unfortunately, due to our weakened economy, a bad job market, and poor planning, many hospitals around New York may soon be closing their doors for good. Closures due to bankruptcy, such as that of St. Vincent's Manhattan Hospital, may result in a multitude of alarming consequences that may cause both medical malpractice claims to rise and render the task of of collecting already litigated settlements impossible.

First, hospital closures may result in a terrifying loss of emergency rooms. That would mean that patients with critical injuries would have no where to go in times of medical crisis.Second, hospital closures could also result in numerous victims of medical malpractice to be unable to collect the settlements that juries have said they are entitled to collect. In the case of St. Vincent's, their bankrupcy filing has already caused malpractice suits and settlement recoveries to stall. Third, when a hospital closes, there is always high probability that medical records with be lost or destroyed.

For those already in malpractice litigation, this might mean that they will no longer be able to prove that the hospital provided them with negligent care, as their medical records are most likely a vital part of their case. For others, it could mean the loss of information vital to their well-being including family history, vaccinations, and medical treatments that have worked in the past. This may lead the owners of the records to start suits against the hospital for the loss, and medical malpractice suits may rise overall.

If your hospital is going to close or has closed, you are not without options or redress. I may be able to help you with new or ongoing malpratice litigation involving these hospitals and address problems concerning your medical records. While it may be impossible for me to fix the economy, or make these hospitals re-open their doors, I can inform you of your rights, and may be able to help you obtain the settlement that you are entitled to from a hospital that is closing. It is imperative that you learn your rights as soon as possible, as it may be your hospital that is closing its doors next!

how about one of the reason hospitals close and/or stop offering necessary service is the constant debilitating cost of lawsuits ( the great majority are frivilous!) - try to find a hospital in Florida that can find a neurosurgeon or obstetrician that is willing to take call due to the unrelenting barrage of suits which have driven insurance costs through the roof.I hope you never get into an accident in Florida and need to see a neurosurgeon on emergency basis in an ER!
by Rick July 5, 2010 at 07:58 PM
When my father had a stroke the EMT asked me which hospital he should go to since there are 2 equidistant from my home. Luckily, we chose the one that had the better services for his condition. Learn more about the medical facilities near you before you need them! Time can be a critical factor when you need a hospital.
by Peter H. July 5, 2010 at 07:51 PM
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