Do you Know What Injuries Can be Compensated in a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

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A victim of New York medical malpractice can suffer a variety of injuries, and these injuries can result in a life-long disability.  Many times medical malpractice can be completely avoided, which means that the injuries can also be completely avoided.  Other times the medical malpractice should never have happened at all, and it only happens because of gross mistakes by a healthcare professional.  This means that the injuries are also due to a gross mistake.


A common question asked are what injuries can be compensated in a New York medical malpractice lawsuit.  This is a very important question, becomes sometimes medical malpractice can result in a lot of injuries to a victim.  Shouldn’t a negligent healthcare provider be liable for all injuries he or she causes?




And that is how New York law applies in medical malpractice situations.  A victim of medical malpractice may recover damages, compensation, lost wages, lost earnings, medical bills, and any other costs associated with the medical malpractice which was casually related to the negligent act.  What this means is that the victim can recover any damages caused by the medical malpractice.


In terms of injuries, this is pretty open.  This obviously includes any direct damage such as a slip of a scalpel or a punctured bowel.  But this also includes any indirect damage, such as future damages.  This could be in the form of additional surgeries to fix the mistakes of the negligent healthcare provider.  Or this could be future damages, such as medical bills that will need to occur in the future like physical therapy or nerve ablation surgery.  Finally, this could even include a need to take medication for life including pain medication.


Thus, ANY injuries which was caused SOLEY because of the medical malpractice can be compensated.  It is only fair that way, and medical professionals should not be able to get away with anything less.  Don’t you agree?


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