Database Reveals Nursing Home Mistakes, Neglect, Negligence, and Death! Kingston, New York Medical Malpractice Attorney Shares Story

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A month or two ago, the government posted online a database of nursing home incident reports that inspectors and auditors have compiled.  Just today, ProPublica has posted n online searching tool called “Nursing Home Inspect” to navigate the government reports.  I got to play around with this great new tool for a little bit today, and I am very impressed at the breadth of information, ease of use, and great utility of this tool. 


Far too many times have we heard horror stories about nursing home negligence causing the death of individuals.  Some cases of include residents escaping and hitchhiking more than 65 miles, or residents found outside frozen to death in the snow.  Some nursing homes claim this is because of an isolated incident and it as the patient’s propensity to do this as opposed to a lack of staffing or inadequate training.


Now, with this tool, you can search the government reports on specific nursing homes.  So before you take a loved one to a nursing home, anywhere in the United States, you can look up the home and see the kind of reports being filed.  In addition, there is a grading and ranking system which is also available to see how the nursing home stacks up against the others.


Unfortunately, New York had the second-highest number of reports and severe problems at 85.  Texas was in first and had a staggering 242, and Oklahoma was in third with 78 reports.


Again, I think this is an AMAZING tool and I hope everyone gets the opportunity to look at these reports online.  It is an excellent tool, a fantastic idea, and will help us become smarter shoppers when it comes to nursing homes.  With 75% of nursing home care being paid by Medicare and Medicaid, which is paid for by us—the taxpayers—choosing successful nursing homes and staying away from struggling nursing homes will only help us support the good facilities to thrive and get better.


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