$ 74 Million Awarded in Botched-Delivery Suit

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A jury awarded a California family $ 74 million after finding that the doctor was negligent in the delivery of their baby daughter in 2009.  The damages awarded were mostly granted to cover the medical expenses that the family will incur in caring for the child over her lifetime. 


Andrew and Jennifer Blunt’s daughter, Sofia Blunt, was born with cerebral palsy after the doctor allegedly failed address the baby’s fluctuating heart rate or conduct a thorough examination of the baby’s cord blood. 


The defense attorney for the physician argued that mucus blocking the baby’s airway caused the loss of oxygen to the brain, not the heart rate.  The accused doctor has been practicing medicine for over thirty years and plans to appeal the decision.


Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center, where the delivery took place, was also named as a defendant in the suit, however, the Center settled two and a half weeks into trial for an undisclosed amount. 


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